Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barbershop Roast

The Engineer came early so we all rushed about to get all three boats through when the bridge was raised for us at Wrenbury.
It was a fine day when we moved so we pushed on up the staircase locks ay Grindley Brook. The expected wind arrived and we were being swayed by it. The trees on the windward side offered some shelter and we had made sure that items on the roof were as secure as they could be. The storm lasted at least three days.

Then it was the weekend and time for a special Sunday Roast. All six of us, and three dogs on board M2L. All members of the group provided contributions of food n drink. Four of us sat at the table and two had lap trays. An enjoyable time eating together after that storm. For some reason after the meal I found myself being scalped by Ann with our hair trimmer set to a short length. And that was before we had left the table! Then they all went for a walk and left me to do the washing up! “Talk about persecution!”
It was then a short hop to Whitchurch but a long walk to the shops.

Our website at Web-Mania is threatened with closure because they are not accepting renewal payment. It should be OK till the end of March but you never know as the host may just close down. So I am sorry if it goes. Naturally steps are being taken with Sue’s help to move the site to another host.

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