Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Other things to do

We all moved on to Nantwich and did some shopping. It is a long walk to the shops at the other end of town. Parked the boat near that aqueduct. Sunny days and cold nights are normal now. The gang got together and decided to head for Wales. “Well, why not, it is open and less likely to get icy due to the flow of water from the river Dee.” We all moved on picking up water and diesel on the way. Great to be all together helping each other up the Hurleston locks.
Now we are on what was called the Ellesmere Canal when it was first built.
A few days later we arrived at Wrenbury where there are two lift bridges. We had passed through the three locks at Baddiley. Rock n Roll were the first through and had to break the ice inside the lock.
Water constantly flows past the lock in the by weirs. There is some work going on at the second lift bridge so we will have to arrange a time to go through. Mean while we go for a walk and wait for post.
I am trying to read up about my ancestors and how they lived in the 17 th and 18 th centuries. They led very different lives then. Most were members of the cloth or in the armed forces. Others made their fortune in the wool or cotton trade. At least one famous lady wrote books. Inevitably research into the family tree involves a bit of social and political history. Many family members wrote about their lives and memories and these documents are an absolute treasure. Seems I cannot stop this writing habit so blogging will continue. Over the year all the blogs get together to create a chapter in our book “Life With a Narrowboat”. It is a bit of a task to get all the words reformatted to be up loaded into our web site .
During these cold days the domestic batteries on board need as much charging as they can get. The charging voltage can rise to 14.7 and the current as much as 100 amps to a bank of batteries. Resistance in the wiring can reduce the charge voltage resulting in under charged batteries. When fed from one end there is a risk that the furthest battery gets less than the nearest. One way to improve the situation is to feed from both ends.


Bella said...

Life on a narrow boat sound it can be hard work. Do you find the freedom of travel and making friends offsets the lack of services we take for granted in a house?

John F said...

That is the section we did in 2010 and loved it. Looking forward to your stories.