Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lift bridges

No less than four on our journey towards Ellesmere. Ann and Carol plus the two Mollie’s walked ahead to lift the first two.
Carol did the next at Tilstock then Geoff lifted the one at Morris.
We all stopped near the Prees branch for one night feeling cut off with the lack of phone and Internet signals. In the afternoon we walked down the two-mile branch to find the marina occupying an old clay pit.
At some point near a lift bridge there was an old beehive offering honey for money but there was none in the bank!

After some early rain we set off next day against a biting cold wind and managed to get to Cole Mere.
We warmed up with some soup and sandwiches and set off to walk round the mere in sunshine.

We returned after about an hour to set up the satellite dish, finding a gap in the trees. It is a quiet spot and one of our favorites along this canal.

Sadly no time to hang about as our food stock is low and we needed to get on to Ellesmere for the shops. But first we stopped at the facilities for water and disposal of the unwanted. As we reversed off to head down the arm, Seyella arrived at the water point. After finding a space to moor, Rock n Roll arrived followed by Seyella. So by lunchtime we were all back together and visiting the new Tesco here.

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