Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Moving Onn

I continued to Wheaton Aston while the others stopped at Brewood. I got to the top lock and settled down for the evening & occupied myself with the cooking and walking out with Molly. Next day I waved at Margaret through the window as Seyella passed. Geoff set up the lock and kindly beckoned me to take it. He let me down to head for the water point while setting the lock for himself. We both ended up filling the water tanks and then moving on. I stopped opposite Turners while Geoff continued to Little Onn.
Later after picking up a Tesco order and diesel Rock n Roll passed by to catch up with Seyella. Ann came back to me by bus from Stafford bringing with her a bag full of goodies and a pile of post. Despite doing most of our business on line it is staggering how much paper comes to us to deal with. We have decided to get a Gold Licence for next year so we can go down on the Thames. BW sent us a renewal notice for the standard licence but an attempt to convert it to Gold failed on line. Anyway BW charge £7.50 to use a card. “How silly is that?” Now they will have to process a cheque by hand!
On a walk up to the shop and Post Office we discovered a light dusting of frozen snow. No sign of it down in the cutting surrounded by trees. Backed up to Turners to fill up the diesel tank with 130 litres at 75.9 pence a litre. Then it was full steam ahead to catch up with the convoy at Little Onn.
That evening the ‘gang’ came round to our boat. Last year we were all stuck in ice but now we can move about. “So where to go?” Might have gone down to Stourport but the river may be wild. North then to Market Drayton and maybe later to the Welsh canal. It is Christmas on board, then for us a train from Stafford heading south to see the family.


Kevin said...

Hi Chas & Ann,
I don't know what you have done but I'm now seeing your complete blog once again, fantastic and well done:) It's nice to get the full picture, makes it even more entertaining :) I wonder if the blog was also missing you Ann and has rejoiced at your return too? Keep wrapped up and warm, all the best.

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Kevin, Thank you for letting me know that you can see the full blog on your PC. The problem was caused when I was using Firefox on the Mac. So I am using Safari now. Chas

Sue said...

Just check the bridge at the Anchor Inn just after grub street cutting it might be closed as it is dangerously leaking. Bw have it closed at the moment I think xx