Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A long weekend

Well being retired is like a long weekend off work only better. A boating friend once told me that a bad day on the boat was better than a good day at work. I just mean that we stayed in one place for four days and it happened to include Saturday and Sunday.
We set off from that mooring in the middle of nowhere heading north. The side wind made the bow point northwest! We were the first to arrive at Gnosall to fill up with water. There are two taps here so Rock n Roll got in behind us. There was only just enough room for the three boat convoy so we advised Geoff to grab the first space that we had passed. We backed up into the spaces just by the bridge.
Next day we all got the bus Stafford, a good service here with two an hour. The one we were on got so full that many people were standing. Got some presents, clothes and some lunch before returning to the boat. Geoff moved Seyella up to get water and found a space just before the old railway bridge.
Margaret invited us in for Sunday lunch which was very enjoyable with the wine and mince pies later! Time marched on with us chatting and putting the world to rights that it got dark before we returned to M2L.
The convoy moved off one by one heading for Norbury, not far, only a few miles. We left last as Ann went off to the butcher while the washing machine did its work. Another load got put in for the journey. It took the rest of the day to dry while Ann went off for a long walk with the gang. I finished off writing all those Christmas cards.
Andrew Tidy from Wand Ring Bark gets my vote for offering his services on the Canal & River Trust as a boater rep. There are to be only four boaters to represent our views. I am sure that we all wish him well and can only hope that things will get better.

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