Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deep mid winter

An icy rope 'cheese' at our mooring
Ooo is he on the way already?
Mind how you go on the white grass!

A top up of water and diesel at Norbury Wharf.
As promised the day warmed a bit with some sunshine as we moved through the deep cuttings and along the embankments of the Shropshire Union. We were well wrapped up and had hot soup on the way. All members of the convoy moved off a bit further north and gathered for refreshments on Seyella just past Knighton. Ann had made some mince pies that went down with the tea. Margaret made chocolate cake which also disappeared!
David Moore's art (c) 1976


Sue said...

I like the cheesy rope!

You are all in my winter territory.. and I am stuck down here!

You tell that Geoff (because I can post a comment on his blog) that if I decide to crane this boat out of here in January, then he is going to have to share his bounty of wood!

Take care you both xx

Bella said...

Cheesy rope; sounds like the perfect Christmas present :)