Saturday, December 03, 2005

Not Moving

Still moored between bridge 17A and 19 just north of Hinckley. We had left No Problem behind and next day the ice prevented Sue n Vic moving the boat up. Only 2 miles apart and next day they both walked up to visit for tea and sandwiches. Vic did very well walking that distance and was very stiff the next day. Then No Problem managed to move up through a channel of broken ice made by a hire boat moving down earlier. Hire boat companies have been making the most of the relatively mild winter so far.

Snow on roof

Air pressure is very low making for unsettled stormy weather. But at least it is mild with no ice now. The girls have been out exploring the countryside and coming back with two dirty dogs. The tow path has been chewed up by the hedge cutters during these damp days. A dangerous job now as in places the path is a bit narrow and the vehicle could slip towards the canal!

We have contacted a coal / diesel supply boat which is expected to return here next week. There are of course plenty of boats on private moorings on the canal. Some are occupied by their owners who have cars to go to work. They are therefore able to get rid of their disposables.

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