Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pre Christmas week

We had moved up to get water on a mild sunny day. On the way back we stopped so that Sue n Vic could cut up some more wood for their fire. Then the temperature fell to zero and ice formed on the cut over night. So we were forced to stay put. Sue came round with another of her 'walk maps'. "Come on Annie, we're off with the dogs to explore". "Please get back before it gets dark" I pleaded. Vic and I are left behind to look after the boats and make our own sandwiches. Passing the time reading our favourite books. The girls returned by 3:30 just as the sun went below the horizon.

Is that Father Christmas?

Next day John and Jean arrived by car from Braunston in less than an hour, a full 5 days by boat! Good to see them again and we talked about plans for next years cruising.


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