Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Christmas

The day after our guests left was a bit colder and it had snowed overnight. Our water tank was half full and two cassettes needed emptying. There was a good possibility that more snow would fall so we decided to move up to Sutton Wharf. It may get colder later so left early. Ploughed through slushy ice in places along the canal and it did snow again. "Hope it doesn’t get any worse cos we want to get back to the mooring". Managed to turn and back up to the water tap by pushing the thin ice away. The tap was frozen so got the kettle off the stove and poured hot water over the pipe to melt a plug of ice.

Water tap, Sutton Wharf

While the tank was filling I emptied the cassettes and Ann dumped the rubbish. The sun came out to make a cheerful warm run back and several boaters were out moving up and down the canal as well. But by the time we had returned to our mooring the grey clouds blocked out the sun and it was snowing again.


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Peter said...

I live in Rugby and would like to get a boat sorted. Time is precious and I wonder if you would be prepared to help some one buy and get kitted out....your experience is invaluable.... for a fee obviously....