Friday, January 06, 2006

Start of a new year

A bright sunny morning for the first day of the year. Our bird feeder full of nuts has been attracting the birds while we have been here at Stoke Golding. We are able to watch them through our galley window. Have seen our pet robin which was so tame it almost came on board. Then there was a blackbird, wren, chaffinch, great tit, blue tit and others hiding in the hedge row waiting their turn on the feeder. Bread crumbs on the ground soon go, but if the birds don’t get there first the dogs get it.

We are waiting for our friends Sue and Vic to return. Have been looking after their boat while they've been away. Lit their fire and got the boat cosy n warm. A kettle on the fire for a hot brew when they arrive. They had missed the bus from Nuneaton so an hour later we moved the 'Ferry' over to pick them up from the wharf.

It has been over two weeks since we had our diesel tank filled and found it to be only 3/8 full. The local boat yard is still shut and last we heard they were waiting for another delivery. 'Ghosty Hill' is due up here later if they can fill their tank! All is well because the boat yard opened next day and have fuel to sell. So we moved on down, filled up with diesel and water and asked about disposal of our old engine oil. They refused to take it.

Moved on further down the canal to the turning point and 'winded' the boat. The Tesco van arrived before we could get back to Stoke Golding wharf. Luckily Sue n Vic were able to sign for our delivery when they collected their own. So having stocked up again we were all able to travel up the canal together. While dumping our rubbish at Sutton Wharf we were told about a possible closure at Shenton Aqueduct. BW had been working up there before Christmas and they confirmed that the work is now finished. The going gets more difficult past the wharf due to shallow waters. Some dredging is actually taking place but not much coming out. Wet sloppy mud is being dumped on the tow path and grass seed spread over it.

Battle field mooring

We stopped at the 'Battle field' moorings which have not improved for many years. Mole hills all over the place and the ground lower than it could be. After a quick snack we walked round 'Richards Field' and the village of Shenton. Back in 1485 Richard III was killed by Henry VII marking the start of the Tudor Dynasty.

Richard's field this way

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