Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A long walk

Moved the boats up to Congerston Bridge 47. A short trip on a mild dry day along a deep clear canal section. A proper 'Visitor Mooring' with rings and that horrible stony surface but at least it was flat and not all mud here. Set off on a 4 mile walk to Shackerstone, following one of Sue's walking maps. We headed off west to Bilstone where a fine old mill was being converted to live in. The water wheel long since gone but the mill pond, race and sluice gates still existed. Reminding us that 'renewable' power is not a modern idea. Local Millers used wind or water power directly to grind the grain. Turned north to reach Castle Farm only to find the footpath diverted away from our intended course. Eventually getting to Shackerstone across some very muddy fields. Once there we followed the canal back to the boats for a mile and a half.

Bilstone  Mill

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