Thursday, September 29, 2005


We had met several people on our travels this year and found that some of them had also 'returned' to Braunston. Dave and Georgina on 'Drift' came in for a coffee and chat. 'Rachael' was also seen having first met up at Bugsworth Basin, near Whaley Bridge. Next day we decided to move up the locks and through the tunnel and wait the arrival of our friends Vic and Sue on 'No Problem'. They are returning to BW waters and we met them half way up the Buckby flight. Plenty of space at Norton Jn. and we all went to the pub for a celebration drink. Next day we escorted them through Braunston Tunnel. Luckily for Sue no boats were coming the other way. This after all is not the easiest of tunnels to go through especially if you have not seen a tunnel for some time.

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