Sunday, September 25, 2005

Return to boat

Three hours on the road got us all, including mum, back to the boat. The car hire company came and took the car away on a tow truck. After filling our tank with diesel at 55 pence a litre we were off to our first stop for the night just a mile away. The satellite signal provided a picture then later we converted the table into a bed for mum who had a comfortable night.

Next day we passed through Nuneaton where boaters were warning us about a car in the canal! Three policemen were seen by the upside down car with only the boot and two wheels showing. At this time they had no idea if a driver was inside! We continued on past well kept gardens before reaching Hawkesbury.

We all then walked to the junction where the Oxford Canal joins the Coventry. Watched as many boats made the turn and operated the lock on a warm sunny afternoon.


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