Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Drifting about

We are not moving very far these days, just a few miles towards Stone for a change of view. Five days later we were back in Great Haywood and found a space among the boats and got the bus to Stafford. The town was being decorated for the Christmas season and winter cheer.
Natural decoration
A few medical issues were sorted out like getting flu jabs at the local surgery. A new bottle of gas was purchased at the junction while we topped up with water. Then Tesco arrived with another load of food and goodies.
Tixel sheep n lambs already!
Then we set off to the Tixel wide moorings which proved to be a bit exposed with that cold wind. Soon moved to the marina for diesel and found another space among those boats at the junction.
Did not pick these !
A few days later we were off again, this time going on through Tixel lock and moored at Milford for a few days. Back at Great Haywood we plucked up courage and found a Dentist. Ouch ! Private treatment proves better value than the NHS. Seems that we have been badly let down by incompetence. We both had a thorough examination and look forward to more visits later !
Tree decoration found on a walk

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