Friday, September 15, 2006

Disposal / Recycling ?

Disposal of the 'unwanted' to proper recycling sites should be free to the disposer. In many cases it is not. A responsible disposer will transport the 'unwanted' to a recycling point. The main reason for not doing so is personal cost. It seems stupid for a local council to charge the disposer. Then end up clearing the countryside at considerable cost. It is extremely hazardous to the environment to dump unwanted cars, batteries, oil, electrical goods etc. There must be a lot of irresponsible people about because we do see so much unwanted in the countryside.


NB Jester said...

Hi Chas and Ann,
we are due to become continuous cruisers in the next few weeks.
We have quite a wide knowledge of narrowboats but have not lived on board before.
The main worry that we have is how to remain internet users at a reasonable cost?
We are considering buying a laptop but only have a vague knowledge of WIFI availability on the cut (mostly from laptop salesmen who sound very convincing... not!)
I have tried to post this three times already and my introductory message gets shorter and shorter so here goes again!
Jeannie and Benn and Kelti dog of NB Jester.
Here goes attempt no.4!

Chas and Ann said...

Hi, Thanks for being persistant. WIFI is not very widespread on the canal / river navigations. Orange has best coverage. If you have a bluetooth phone use that to connect to the computer. Hang the phone in the window to get the best signal. Pay As You Go do 'extras'. One of those give you access to the internet. £1 a day unlimited.
But please read NB No Problem's blog at
Have a good read and click on 'My Internet Connection'. Hope this helps, Chas n Ann