Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life on the canal

We have spent the last week near Devizes and occasionally travel to Honey St. or Pewsey. It was on one of those trips that we followed an old 'cruiser'. The night before had been noisy with the owner running his engine most of the evening. British Waterways like us to switch off engines at 8. The boat kept a reasonable distance ahead till reaching All Cannings bridge where he stopped. We passed on by and continued through the next bridge. Looking back we saw that the boat was following us. Then we realised why. We were approaching a swing bridge where we have to stop to open it. When we did, the boater just accelerated and pushed on through without looking at us or thanking us. By the time we had shut the bridge the cruiser was well ahead of us. Two miles on there is another swing bridge and we wondered if he would open it for us. As it happened another narrow boat in front had opened the bridge and he did the same to them!

As we travel about we have noticed an abundance of old boats being used as 'accommodation' on this canal. I have referred to them as floating sheds in the past and this winter they are covered in plastic sheeting. So far it has been very mild, but later on they may be quite cold under their sheeting.

It is so depressing we are thinking about leaving this otherwise lovely canal. But we cannot do that yet because of the winter stoppages where B W are replacing lock gates. It has also been so wet that one large tree and many small ones have fallen across the towpath. Thankfully the navigation has not as yet been blocked by them! We have just filled our tank with diesel at 60p / litre. As yet our local diesel supplier has not been told of any change in procedure regarding the pink stuf.

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Mo said...

I'm whispering as I say this, maybe you should be up here on the Leicester GU with us, its quiet, loads of room and plenty of everything. Diesel was 45p/ltr yesterday with a choice of gas, coal and water points.

And the company is wonderful, after all we're here.

Don't need to panic yet on the red diesel thing, I have it from an authority that it will take 6 to 12 months to change UK law. No one should be putting up prices in anticipation, if they do then boycott them.

Anyway I've discovered that our engine doesn't run on road diesel so we're allowed to continue with red.

But seriously, we miss you all terribly, hurry up and get yourselves to this undiscovered part of the country.

M and V