Sunday, June 17, 2007

Moving with three boats

Seems we have a reputation. Our 'Blogging' friends on the internet have been making comments about seeing 'these two boats together', Moore 2 Life and No Problem. Currently joined by Tara, the new name for Sue n Vic's first boat. Each lock takes about an hour to get them all through one at a time, helped occasionally by the crew of other boats going in the opposite direction. Despite this delay at locks we seem to make up time between them. We have used 'Alex Ratchet' when in locks near Cropredy. Alex made this prototype and gave it to Sue. Then started making several to sell. Once mentioned on Sue's blog the demand for them grew! The ratchet does make the stiff paddles easier to lift.

Wooden floors
We want a wooden floor rather than carpet. Our two animals produce a lot of loose fur and inevitably the towpath grit and dirt get in the boat so the carpet tiles have suffered. Despite a good hard brushing they still looked grubby. All the carpet tiles have gone exposing the wooden floor beneath. "That is not good enough" says Ann, "I want a 'real' floor made from oak planks". We got some at B & Q in Banbury. The store was near the canal so we were able to deliver it ourselves 'door to boat' with the help of our friend Vic. A large quantity of heavy planks to be spread around the boat preventing it from leaning over. Now it has become an obstacle course inside the boat. Spent a productive few days laying and gluing them together at the aft end of the boat. This will be 'work in progress' for a while yet.

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