Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold but sunny

Waiting for a Christmas 'event'.
We were moving at 9am after a breakfast of porridge and toast. The ropes were stiff with frost and there was ice on the cut. Why do we do it? We set ourselves a task to achieve each day.
An hour of crunching ice got us to Alvecote where the Canal Time boat hire fleet once operated. There we found Dot n Derek on their boat Gypsy Rover and invited them on board for a chat. Good to see them again after seeing them while on our river travels this year. They are going south while we continue north to stop at Hopwas. The warming sun melting the ice and encouraging our 4 hour trip. On approach to the locks at Glascote there were no less than two boats in front and one behind. A total of 4 on the move.

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