Monday, November 16, 2009

Biting the bullet

I had the misfortune to possess Vista having replaced a dead computer. Vista was inconsistent, and slow. At first it refused to talk to my trusty Lexmark printer but was persuaded to behave after some Google help! Despite continual updates there was no apparent improvement. Occasional failures requiring reboots and at least one reformat made me think about alternative operating systems like Linux or Mac. My essential T Mobile USB modem worked a treat and could behave on a Mac but not on Linux. I understand that the USB modem supplied by ‘3’ works with Linux.
Vista seemed top heavy and tried to load everything in memory before being ‘strangled’. Much time and effort was used just sorting out the operating system! Now I am not saying that the change I made was the preferred one but was the most economic and worth a try. MS 7 installed in just over an hour and a half and boots up in less than 2 minutes! No time now to get a cup of tea after pressing the button! My USB modem installed OK and was soon down loading the inevitable updates. MS could not find drivers for my Lexmark printer so I found one myself.
I then fed in all my documents and pictures. One nice feature is the desktop background full screen slideshow. I got Google Chrome downloaded because it is better than I E. I begin to suspect that 7 is a simplified Vista! You never know, another bullet could be bitten if Google’s OS comes out next year!

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