Sunday, August 22, 2010

Procedures and actions

There are good intentions but actions may be less than intended.  What am I waffling about?  BW have been busy down in Banbury fixing up firm edges.  At the ‘Tramway’ it is finished.  Boaters are there already but BW had spread fresh earth about and put grass seed down without rolling it flat!  Now we have got deep foot prints and muddy boots.  Just when the grass is sprouting along come the cutters and squashed it all flat!
BW working!
I have got back from looking after mum again and trying to resolve care issues.  It is quite a stressful and emotional time for both mum and me.  It had become more difficult to care for mum even with people coming in each day.  Thankfully Hampshire Adult Services are on the case and have found a Residential Care home for mum.  My brother is on hand to help and has taken mum to see the place which has a room available.
We passed Paul Balmer on Waterway Routes on our way to the water point.  Just as we queued for the lock down came Mortimer Bones in her grey boat.  A few days later we had reached the summit pound, got diesel at Fenny and stopped short of Marston Doles.  We do not normally move on a Sunday and wonder why we did.  We simply lost count of so many boats heading south.  We took on water slowly just before heading down the locks towards Napton.  Boats coming up the locks and following behind all seemed to want water!  Even hire boaters just setting off from Wigrams Marina had already run out of water.  We have stopped after the second lock down after being told of an event at Napton and loads of boats trying to get up the locks.

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