Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back to Manchester

Oh what a windy day it was. We left the Trafford centre, headed down to Waters Meeting and turned left to head for Manchester.

It was a wonder that things stayed on the roof. As it was our aerial nearly took of. Another boater had to stop to remove his plant pots that had nearly gone overboard.

The trees and factory buildings provided some shelter from the cross wind but where there were gaps the boat changed direction and at times leaned over alarmingly!

Moments before arriving at Castle Quay, Geoff rang to say we should turn left under the railway arch. He had gone right to find all the moorings taken!

As it was we went along side Seyella when Geoff arrived near the Museum of Science and Industry.

There are so many boats here obviously overstaying their welcome but there are no wardens to control the situation.

Geoff has seen NB Pilgrim and invited Malcolm and Barbara for meeting on board Seyella

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