Friday, August 09, 2013

Back on board

Our way of life on board has been made uncertain when our tenants left our bungalow. A while ago we went back to see it the day they left. Oh what a mess! It is difficult to understand how some people live or survive in such conditions. It was so bad that we cannot get another tenant in till it is cleaned and repainted. Even our agents were shocked to see it.

Our agents have been so helpful organising cleaners and decorators in to carry out the work. Needless to say the previous tenants will pay for the damage by loosing their deposit.

Once the work is completed including new carpets we are assured that another tenant will be found. At the end of the day it may well have cost us 3 months rent! Despite the set back we must keep looking forward to better times.

Just like when we got our first boat at Aynho we had to keep looking forward to our new future on board. By the way that first boat 'Moor To Life' is for sale at Much has been changed in side since we sold it many years ago.

While the boat stayed in the marina we left the fridge on knowing that our solar panels would keep it going. Sure enough the batteries were fully charged when we returned.

We have booked visits to the medical centre and dentist, restocked from the Tesco van and moved out of Great Haywood heading for Rugeley. We return to Great Haywood later for those appointments.

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