Sunday, October 27, 2013

Now in a marina

Before we moved in we enjoyed an evening out with Del n Al when we all went to the Red Lion pub. Live loud folk music on Friday night. Thanks for getting us out you two!
We moved in before that expected storm over the weekend. Got our tank filled with diesel at 79 pence a litre! Then moved to our temporally allocated mooring. (If we are not happy with it we can put in for a transfer).

Finished with the engine for now. At least it has fresh oil in it after that major service. We will be using that diesel to keep warm while in the marina.

We were obliged to purchase an electric meter to measure the power we use. The electric to be paid each quarter. While connected our Victron Combi will charge the batteries but we will not leave them permanently on float charge. We have an immersion heater in the chlorifier (hot water tank) but if the power goes off there is a risk to the batteries because the inverter will take the power from them! Must remember to turn off the immersion heater after about an hour!

Perhaps the best plan is to connect to the land line during the day when we need it, like running the engine, and disconnect at night.

The marina has been dug out of a farmers field of cabbages! They are growing among the freshly sown grass! We went for a walk to explore the area but the field and access road are still wet n muddy!


Roger said...

Hi Both

Your immersion should only work if you are on shore power. Mine goes off if I disconnect, check it and see what happens.

If it doesn't go off, then you would be wise to follow the course you suggest.


Chas and Ann said...

Thanks Roger. Some time ago we were in a boat yard on shore power when the TV went off.

The inverter took all the power from the batteries and switched off when the shore power was lost.

The land line must first go to the RCBO then to the circuit breakers. From there the power should go to the immersion heater as you say but sadly mine gets its power from the inverter!