Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY flood prevention

Being off our boat and living on firm ground does not mean there is nothing to do. Each day presents us with a choice depending on the weather. I have jobs lined up to keep me occupied inside or out. Even this early in the year I have things to do in the garden. Put the washing out when it is dry, windy and sunny. Bring it in when it is wet.

Our bungalow is on the side of a hill near the top. The rain water runs down the drive heading for the front door. I have now dug a channel and filled it with pebbles to direct the flow to a drain. We can all do our bit locally to help reduce the risk of flooding. Covering our gardens with a hard standing is not the way to go.

We know that water heads down hill to the sea eventually, it just needs some encouragement. Get your spade out and clear those ditches. Pull out things like shopping trollies. It is a wonder how they get there, being so far from where the came from!

EA and CRT will have to change their approach to water control. The local lock keepers knew how, so why are they in decline? So called experts making rules and regulations has not helped, nor does paying higher insurance premiums.

So what has caused that jet stream to head our way?

Boaters blogs enable us to keep track of our friends on the cut so we know how you are coping with so much water about. It is a wonder that you can move at all, just don't get stuck in a remote situation. At least when the water rises the boat should go up with it! Houses do not.


Les Biggs said...

Keep busy and stay young.
Soon be summer and you can get to the boat and even if you just sit out on deck in the marina it will be a break.

Chas and Ann said...

Hope to get there in April.