Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life With a Narrowboat : Part 1

Well it's my first 'publication' with Lulu.  This first book is about discovering the inland waterways.  It is an epub file and can be read using Adobe Digital Editions.

Please go to this link to download the file.

Do let me know if it works for you.  I am working on Part 2 and 3 and will publish them if this one sells.


Unknown said...

I bought this but found the link you posted took me to the American site. Not difficult to click on change shop and go to uk, but you may want to consider redirecting possible uk customers for simplicity.
Haven't read yet but expect to be happy with it as I read your blog ( along with loads of others which give me my canal "fix") on a regular basis!

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for your comments and purchase. When I set up the link in Lulu I did not realise that it was in the USA! Well done for clicking around to get back to the UK.