Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making plans & looking forward

It has been over a year since we moved off M2L.  Much time and money spent on land based property to keep us comfortable inside four walls and a low roof!

Medical issues, friends and family, exploring the New Forest and gardening have occupied our time.  But now we look forward to time back on board for short visits.  Ann has three months between checkups while Chas hopes that dental problems are sorted soon!

The boat is to be blacked this month, weather permitting, and the top sides badly need a fresh coat of colourful paint. A major effort required to keep Moore 2 Life looking good for a while longer.  We plan a new look for her.  No cream in sight!  But all that effort is not a job for us mind.

Just hope that when we get back we can cope with the locks and living on board.  Perhaps it is like riding a bike!  It will be very different to permanently living on board with much less on board than before.

From where we are at the moment perhaps the Oxford canal will be enough, who knows.  Cropredy Marina will remain the boat's home.  That is far enough away to drive from the Forest.


Geoff and Mags said...

I hope we can get to meet up sometime this year!

Sue said...

Be good for you to get back aboard.. Those Claydon Locks are going to test your strength you two!! xx

NB Constance said...

Good Luck, I hope you make it OK. If you need help - Yell! I am currently at Kidlington and come February will start a slow journey northwards. We'll meet up on board sometime.

Chas and Ann said...

We are waiting for quotes and dates from painters who may be able to paint our boat this year. Our boating plans will depend on that and Hospital checkups in March. So we are not rushing to the boat just yet. There is also a family commitment in April!
Thanks for your good wishes and help.

Jennifer said...

Hope to meet up sometime on the 'cut'. Jennifer and Peter nb Macra's Filia (presently in Tasmania)

Fran, nb Tamara said...

All blacked and back next to us now :)

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you Fran, good to know you are keeping an eye on our boat. :-))