Thursday, July 09, 2015

Buyer Beware

An opportunity window enabled us to travel north to Cropredy.  In the sun during the drive up but then it rained in the afternoon.  The British F1 racing was on TV and we got the rain before Silverstone did!

We always leave the water tank nearly empty and on this visit the water was a bit tainted.  A chlorine tablet was dropped in and fresh water poured in.

Readers of our Blog will have noticed our boat visit habit has changed and we are content with it for now.  If we have time we take the boat out and if not we drive round to our favorite canal spots.  This time we went to Weedon, Whilton and Braunston to get our 'fix' on canal life.

We were actually looking for another boat to down size, but not down grade.  We have decided that a Semi Trad or Cruiser stern and no more than about 50 feet long would suit us better.  We have been very disappointed with what is on the market these days.  There really is a lot of junk out  there. Some agents ask for a deposit even before a trial run!  Then you cannot get it back if you decide against your choice of boat.

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