Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do we still need it?

Living 'on the bank' is the new era for now.  Our bungalow is occupied by all our stuff off the boat.  We have several large plastic containers with the contents now sorted for various parts of the new boat.

The boat we hope to get will be ten feet shorter than M2L so a fair proportion of our stuff will have to go.  When on a boat if you have not used it for a year then it has to go.  The same applies when you are 'on the bank'!  We have decided to call the new boat 'Moore To Life'.

Even our massive collection of pictures taken during our explorations of the waterways are getting the 'thinning' treatment.   Do have a look at our web site to see them.  They may be just pictures but they do provoke a memory.  Just reducing their capacity to put them on a memory stick so our TV can display the pictures.

It is good for us to be able to track all our boating friends by reading their blogs and making occasional comments, so keep blogging!

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