Thursday, January 28, 2016

Making it our own

Danger, working party on board. We had bought the boat to Cropredy marina in December. An ex hire craft we have to make our own. The 'to do' list grew as we traveled and while getting through the end of year festivities. 

Winter visits are a basic existence on board with no hot or cold running water on board. Water is collected in containers from the local tap. We do have mains electricity via the landline so we are able to use our fan heater to keep warm. We have a battery charger so there is no need to run the engine.

On the day we arrived a storm had traveled over from the USA. It was very wet and windy, despite that our fan heater managed to get the temperature up to a comfortable level. We stayed two nights but had to run the diesel heater as well first thing in the mornings.

We managed to tick many jobs off that list so the accommodation has improved. We left the batteries being trickle charged by our solar panel.

Must recommend this 'Moonraker' digital aerial for the TV. It worked well back home when tested inside next to the TV. On the boat it sticks on a smooth surface outside and gets its 12v power via the lead. It stayed put even through that windy storm!

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