Thursday, July 28, 2016

Back to the boat for a trip out

We got away from home down south and headed north on the A34.  It took a bit longer due a 15 minute stand still among the cars and lorries.  The time parked there seemed much longer due to not knowing the cause and not moving.  Eventually we passed, single file, the police and road repair site.  Another delay to our journey was caused when the road to Cropredy was closed off the M40!  'Tom Tom' recalculated the route and we eventually arrived later than usual.
Stopped at the "Bridge Store' for a few provisions.
Moore to Life was woken up on arrival at the marina.  We unpacked the car and put the kettle on for a refreshing cuppa.  We were too tired to consider moving out that day and resolved to get away the next day.

We moved out as planned and headed south.  Another problem was that Slat Mill lock was to be closed for inspection so we needed to get past that.  The moorings through Cropredy were already occupied by boats ready for the 'music festival' due in August!  It was almost single file due to the considerable over growth.  What ever happened to the 'Veg Pledge'?

Then we just had to stop because NB Derwent 6  was spotted ahead.  Del and Al came on board for a drink and chat.  Then it started to rain!  Must get going with wet gear on to pass that lock.  But first a quick snack!
The canal trust were already making preparations at the lock and  told us that no less than two paddles were to be repaired!  On at each end.  If another had failed then the navigation would have been closed!

Got all the way to Banbury as the rain cleared and we walked round Spiceball park.


Geoff and Mags said...

Sorry we missed you as we came through Cropredy. Enjoy your trip out. Are you meeting the gang down on the river?

Chas and Ann said...

No not this time. Going back next week.

Carol said...

Enjoy your week’s boating, hope you manage to stay mainly dry!