Monday, September 12, 2016


We met friends at Titchfield Mill for lunch on Sunday. Then walked through the quaint old village and found a stream for Molly to swim in.  May well have been a canal?


Chas and Ann said...

This is a comment from Sven Latham that I inadvertently deleted.
I grew up in Gosport and used to ride this route quite regularly. I've often wondered its purpose as the channel is clearly artificial. Wikipedia suggests it was a water supply for meadows, or a navigation. It's a lovely walk from Titchfield to the Nature Reserve and beach at Hill Head, and there are some very nice paths towards the West as well. A welcome break from the urban parts!

Sharon Downey said...

Yes it was a canal,if you follow it to the shore you will see the remains of the sea lock . Our home town is Fareham

Rich and Sharon ( nb oakapple )