Tuesday, April 11, 2017

?Is there more to life?

Well that is the question that springs to mind.  Spring brings us uncertainty and life on hold.

Our property is up for sale but as yet no offers after several months and viewings.  We decided to move up from Dibden near the New Forest to Totton or Eling to be near our son and his family.  'Right Move' and agents provide lists of properties that we consider and sometimes view but we cannot make offers for till we can get an offer for ours!  Several properties have slipped through our fingers that were worth making an offer for, but not to be.

Health issues for both of us seem to take time to resolve.  Some planned visits to hospital and others unplanned occur each month it seems.  A certain loss of freedom is the result.

We had got ready to get up to the boat before Easter and got things together to take when another health issue took the time away.  What can we do but spend time in the garden enjoying the spring and waiting for appointments that never come!  It is early days and hopefully things will improve to let us get away for a while.

It seems that our son and his family may well beat us there to wake up the boat from its winter rest.  Chris is very competent at checking batteries, engine, gas and water systems.  They may be heading north to Fenny Compton for a lunch at the Wharf.

On a more positive note Easter is a celebration of spring and the new life that it brings.


Carol said...

Sorry to hear that you're both having some health problems and hope that they clear up soon to enable you to take time out on M2L, in the meantime enjoy the sunshine in your garden.
We both send love and best wishes to you both. xx

Fran, nb Tamara said...

Sorry to hear that you have both been poorly. We were up visiting the boat a fortnight ago and I noticed that you didn't appear to have visited (still displaying last year's licence). Boat looking fine but your flag appears to have been damaged by the weather.
Hope you are both on the mend soon.
Regards, Fran

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you Fran for your concern and report about the boat. We had intended to lower the flag so not supprised that it has shredded. The office should have this years licence.

Sue said...

Hopefully those appointments will happen in the next couple of weeks then you can have a bit of freedom for a while to enjoy on the boat. I bet you cant wait xx

Geoff and Mags said...

Sorry to see you've not been able to get away after all. Hopefully you'll get sorted soon. We'll try to meet up in the summer.