Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Windows XP ?

Why is it that so many computers are still running Windows XP? Especially in the NHS and big organisations. I would hope that our banks are not.
I have one computer still with XP and I cannot find an antivirus program that works now, even AVG! I only use it for pictures and music.
There must be an operating system that is better than Windows for the professional organisations.


Mike Todd said...

With large k=organisations the cost of making major upgrades - like changing from XP - is horrendous given the QA requirements, so many put if off until 'later'. With the NHS budgets under such pressure it is not at all surprising that this is one cost they ducked - and perhaps now regret but I suspect it was a decision taken knowingly after a long debate. If only MS had a continuous upgrade path (something which in the past OS suppliers ignored at their peril but first cost cheapness now reigns supreme)

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for your comment. I can only say what price the alternative? A major interruption to services must cost more than just money.