Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Braunston Blacking

Before leaving for our winter trip to London and back we had booked a 'slipping' at Braunston Boats by the bottom lock. On our return we asked about when to bring the boat up. As the forecast was rain on Monday and the slip was empty the boat was pulled out a day early. A tractor and trolley did the job as we watched from shore. Inside the TV had been put safely on the bed and other items put on the floor. The bottom of the boat is normally 2 feet under the water but now it is almost that far above ground ! The great advantage here is that we are provided with a platform and steps to get on and off the boat. It was strange being on at boat which did not sway. It just bounced slightly in the middle !

Out of water

By the end of the day the sides had been pressure washed and one coat of bitumen applied. Much of the original blacking came off in the wash as it had been applied on loose mill scale. This being a new boat and the first time out of water since the survey a year ago. The next day Justin painted the second coat and a day later we were back in the water.

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Sue said...

Glad to know it's all done... I hope you took an accurate measurement on your 'depth dip stick' while she was out of the water Annie!

Well at least you didn't have to put up with thinking you are living in an aeroplane, the height above the ground there looks only a couple of feet. When we had No Problem blackened last November we were a good 5ft above the ground! I remember evertime I looked out of the window, my legs turned to jelly!

Keep bloggin'! xx