Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Government support

We are cheered by the news that the government has reinstated the grant to BW which was 'lost' last year. This had caused BW to drastically cut back on staff resulting in low morale and an uncertain future. During the election campaign it has been revealed that some MP's have a poor regard of the canal system and it's users and even think it is in decline! How wrong can they be? You have only to read Boating magazines to see how many restorations, improvements and marina's have happened in recent years. The 'opposition' party have plans to sell off BW owned property to pay for a reduction in civil servants. They had previously praised BW for investing in property to increase income. BW get £25 m from this investment so the grant would have to be increased by this amount if the government intend to keep the canals open.

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Sue said...

I have to wonder what is going on!! I wonder if the Conservatives will take it away after May! Ha!

I posted your blog I think we are all interested in any news of any type at the moment. :D