Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Help needed ashore

We stopped at Cropredy, north of Banbury and celebrated Ann's birthday at the Brassenose Arms. The only Pub in Britain with that name. (I'm not surprised). We were half way between Cropredy and Banbury when we got the news about Tracy. Her leg had swollen up due to a burst cyst in her left knee. They need help because Tracy is to rest and cannot walk without crutches.  Our two young grandchildren need our help.

Luckily we could hire a car from 'Enterprise' at Banbury and drive one way home leaving it at a local office.  But first find somewhere to leave the boat in a safe place. We got some diesel at Sovereign Boats who suggested leaving it opposite where they could keep an eye on it. But it was only a 48 hour mooring and BW told us we could not leave it there. Had to go on through the town past the lock and under the bridge. The 14 day moorings there are too public and considered insecure. So on a bit further to a quiet mooring where there are at least some other boats.

'Enterprise' collected us and took us to their office where we got the car. Back at the boat we transferred our luggage and the animals before driving home. Decided to stay with relatives so we were only 20 minutes walk from Tracy, Chris and their children. After breakfast we walked there before half past eight! Later we borrowed mum's car. Spent 10 days getting to know Ben and enjoying some quality time with Josh.

Tracy's leg was getting much better with the use of an ice pack but she was still on crutches when we had to return. Our mooring on the canal is limited to 14 days. Thankfully a friend reported that the boat was OK and he had checked the mooring pins for us as he was passing. Hired another car from 'Enterprise' and returned to Banbury. Got back to find the boat just as we had left it.

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Sue said...

"Forgot to mention that we passed Moore2Life on our way down to Banbury. They were waitng to use one of the locks as we were vacating it."

From the blog of Jannock!


Hope Molly is recovering well, love to you both ;)