Saturday, May 21, 2005

Moorings and Tesco

On down the locks at Hillmorton. The cafe / bistro here is worth a visit. Next stop, Clifton. Were lucky to find our mooring where we are protected by bushes and trees from the golf course. Saw the fox in the field opposite again. Together with long horn cattle and rabbits. Molly had the stitches removed at the local vet. Some boaters are passing too fast, a growing problem in the 'moving' season. Sadly the poor little ducklings and baby moor hens are getting swamped by the wash. Ann was upset to see several dead chicks in the water.

Ansty, North Oxford Canal


Moved on to Brownsover, the Rugby mooring. We had successfully managed to place an order with TESCO using the Net, saving us having to carry all the heavy goods ourselves. The driver found us and was very willing to bring the order to the boat. Despite the fact that his van was too tall to clear the barrier into the car park.  Then moved on up to Ansty for the night.

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