Friday, May 13, 2005

Shallow waters

Shallow waters

There are 10 miles of level water between Claydon and Marston Doles on the Oxford Canal. But there is only 5 miles between the two places! Such is the way it follows the contours with many bends and turns. It is very shallow making the boat slow and unresponsive. The water is always brown with churned up sediment. This is the summit level and I wonder where all the water is coming from. We had passed the reservoir but no water was being fed from it.

Stopped near Nimrod Bridge 108 and fed the baby ducks.

Baby ducks

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Sue said...

We really could do with some rain of significance. The rivers here in the fens are a good 6 inches lower than normal. With the summer right round the corner, it should make for some interesting boating.... if that is the case, then I feel for all the boaters on the canals, for sure there will be restricted movement to save water.