Sunday, May 22, 2005

Web site

I have now created a web site called .  Please have a look.  Just click on the link on the right.  The site has many pictures of the canals we have explored since 2000.  I am still in the process of adding more pictures and intend to expand content to include useful information about living on a narrowboat.


NB-Belle said...

Spotted you today at Fradley Junction. I wandered past Moore2Life at lunch time with our Border Collie (Beth). We were en route to the Swan. V.nice pint of Pedigree in there with a cheese ploughmans, even if price was a little OTT. Add some sunshine and peaceful surroundings and what more could a man ask for. I guess that it will get very busy around there over the next few days and the BH. Have a good trip. Cheers, Chris.

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for the contact Chris. Tried to see your blog but not found ? Is it ?

NB-Belle said...

Hi there. Not really got a lot to blog yet so we have not created the eblogger site. Belle is ordered and we have been promised delivery June 2006, which you can be sure, will not come soon enough. We will be moving into our temporary accommodation in Nottingham mid-June 2005, so we are concentrating on that at the moment, having spent months laying out the boat and re-laying out the boat and re-laying out the boat again (you know the score).

Already started building our own website and we will be posting pictures of the boat construction and some technical stuff, etc., for those that are interested. So, until we FTP it onto our server, we shall be wandering the various blog sites!

Anyway, next stop the Crick show this weekend. No doubt we will be bringing a few ideas back with us. What if we use that instead and put that the other way around and move this here.....oh God, here we go again!

Cheers, Chris.

Sue said...

Your new website is absolutely fantastic, I couldn't help but blog about it!

Well done indeed xx