Sunday, February 12, 2006


Got to Braunston and stayed a week. The ice came and went regularly. Sue n Vic headed off to Calcutt and Napton for an appointment with the boat yard. Our friends Mary & Ray came up in their 'campervan' and stayed in the marina car park. We all got on the bus into Daventry to shop and see the dentist. Those two days were warm and sunny and we enjoyed catching up with their news from back home.

Then we visited Bob & Jane on 'Hobo'. Bob was pleased to see Molly again. Jane told us about Mr. Finch a known criminal who keeps on breaking into narrowboats. He was fished out of the canal in a drunken state and promptly arrested and is now back in jail for two years.


On a day when the ice had cleared we moved through Braunston and turned. On the way we saw a familiar boat called 'More To Life'. The owners have changed the spelling of the name and as we passed greeted us with a cheerful wave. Then we got some more diesel from Ivor on 'Mountbatten' before mooring up for another night.

On our way out to Napton a boater enquired if our boat was painted differently on the other side. I explained that another boat with a similar name was in Braunston and that it was our first boat. Many boaters say to us that they have seen us often where we have not been!

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