Friday, March 10, 2006

Wind, rain and river

Since that lovely sunny weekend it has rained every day. As we climb back up the canal we see that the river Cherwell is filling up fast. Just north of Aynho the river joins and passes through the canal between two locks. Our concern is that we may not get under the low Nell Bridge if the river is too high. But before that we had to get up Somerton deep lock. It is in a very exposed location and the wind blew our boats away from the towpath before we could secure them properly. It was a real struggle pulling the boats back to the edge against that wind.

Above the lock was no easier as Vic lifted a bridge for us to go under. Sue followed but the wind took the boat to the wrong side when stopping to pick him up. We stopped further on and walked back to help. They had actually got their dog Lucie to take a rope across the canal so that Vic could pull the boat back to the towpath side. Three other boats got stuck there during the afternoon.

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