Sunday, March 26, 2006

Meeting Friends

We moved out of Braunston and went down the Grand Union to Shuckborough. Terry & Myra on 'Juno' came through the tunnel and met us there. Next day they left heading for Banbury where they plan to meet their family. Then met up again with Sue n Vic on 'No Problem' after they had visited Calcutt. It is very noticeable that this length of canal is busy with boats going by almost every 10 minutes.


We all walked through this small settlement and up the hill to Shuckborough Manor. The Manor Farm is still in operation. A large pile of oak trees is waiting to be cut up into logs.  Then we saw them. A heard of Deer. Lying down in a group in a field in front of the manor house. As we approached they stood up but did not run off. We stayed well back to observe and take pictures.


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