Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sunshine spring

What a difference the sunshine makes. The daffodils are out at last, seen in groups along the tow path. The birds are singing in the mornings. Spring has sprung! Trees are about to turn green and our pansies are coming out in colour. Easter is a celebration of new life which 'spring' brings.


We are enjoying the sunshine after a night of rain at Stoke Bruerne in Northants. A typical canal village built mostly of Blisworth stone with warehouses and cottages along the wharf. There is a church but no shops or Post Office now. Took 30 minutes to pass through the 3057 yard tunnel to get there on the Grand Union Canal. It is the longest tunnel open to navigation in Britain. The 'public' are out and about this weekend. The Museum and trip boats here being the main attractions.


Canal Keeper said...

Hi there Moore 2 Life. I have started a new blog. I am a Thames 21 canal keeper and am doing a blog on many things from the canal news to things that happen on the waterways and sometimes my own personal views.

Chas and Ann said...

Hello Roger, Just seen your Blog. Keep up the good work looking after the waterways. It can be a bit sole distroying constantly picking up that rubbish. We passed through Nuneaton once and filled a few black bags with those plastic items by fishing them out using a net! Chas n Ann

les said...

Hi both, I've just seen Sue's blog - so it's time to say Happy Birthday Annie!! Hope you had a great party, Sue (ex Seleus)

Canal Keeper said...

Thanks all the best to you too.