Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evening cruise

There is about 2 miles of tidal waters where the New Bedford River comes in from King's Lynn. Many of the major rivers in this area no longer follow their natural path. In order to drain the land and maintain river levels many locks, weirs and 'drains' have been created over the centuries. We did not see the seals which are known to live this far from the sea. We passed through St. Ives to stop at the moorings and did some shopping in the town. After a refreshing drink at the local pub by the waterside we continued our journey up river. It had been hot again during the day so a cool evening trip was in order. Heading west towards the setting sun made for tricky navigation. Several people and small boats in the water were difficult to see. Passed through several locks wide enough for both boats and once joined by another small boat. Finally arriving at Godmanchester as the sun went down. A lovely mooring by a park with trees.

Apologies to our readers for the lack of 'postings'.  We have reached Great Barford.

Really is too HOT

Over 30 inside and out most of the day, often nearer 40 ! While moving we use an umbrella for shade. Apparently it had been this hot back in 1911 ! "I suppose these hot summers are due to become more frequent". The biggest problem has been keeping the inside cool. The best we can do is to hang white cloth outside the windows. Occasionally using a fan to keep the fridge cool. The mains inverter has been getting hot so have not been using the TV much or the computer. Much cooler in the evening so we are sitting outside. Tables, chairs, parasols, candles in buckets, an alcoholic beverage and an occasional BBQ make for enjoyable evenings.

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