Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great Ouse & Little Ouse

After that long day we opted for a short trip to Hilgay Bridge on the Great Ouse where we found an excellent mooring provided by EA. Complete with water tap and a bench seat. After getting water we moved back and tied the bow to the end bollard with the stern in the bushes. This enabled No Problem to move away from the water point. That evening a 'plastic' cruiser arrived and stayed the night. Next day another Narrowboat turned up for water so NP came along side us to make room.

We both set off 2 miles up stream to turn off on to the Little Ouse by the 'Ship Inn'. Heading for Brandon up 'Brandon Creek' as the L. O. is otherwise known. Passed a few assorted boats along this waterway lined with trees. Became aware of the high flood banks either side which protect the low lying farm lands. Eventually found the GOBA mooring about half way along at 7 miles in. Another patch of mowed grass but not so deep at the edge so we used our long plank this time. Saw a single black swan on our way down.

Brandon 'Creek'

Went on up stream weaving past the weed to the moorings by the short lock at Brandon. Seems only little boats will be able to venture further. We went on foot to the busy town with plenty of useful shops. That evening a gathering of youngsters with plenty of drink made us think twice about staying the night. The cruise back to the quiet GOBA mooring was quite enjoyable as the sun went down. Next day we continued down stream to the 'Ship Inn' for a marvellous meal.

Ship Inn

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