Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A green boat

We use far less power than a normal household. Our engine and batteries provide just enough power to run a small washing machine. Maximum electrical power required only to get the water up to 40 degrees after filling with hot water. Each day the engine is run mainly to charge up the batteries for between 1 and 2 hours. During the day our solar panels keep the fridge, and occasional use of the computer running. When purchasing new electrical equipment we have to consider its power requirement. Our TV is only 40 watts, the digital tuner only 15 watts and the computer is 100 watts. And of course they are not left on stand by. We manage with an efficient 8 watt light because it is only 6 feet away. White LED lighting is an interesting development which promises even better efficiency. There are many boats with solar panels and wind turbines generating 'free' power which does not pump the dreaded CO2 into the atmosphere.

I do wish more can be done to encourage us all to consider the amount of power our equipment uses. There is a label on the back which gives the power rating either in watts or amps. Why do we have to search for this information? It should be on the front. How 'green' is your TV ? When power costs money and its generation damages the environment I wonder why we use so much.

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