Sunday, January 07, 2007

New year reVolution

A change in emphasis? Less about waterways more about our way of life, family and friends. We feel that we have 'done' the inland waterways. It has been a wonderful voyage of discovery over the last 6 years living on the boat exploring the 2000 miles or so of the navigations. Our web site will remain as a record of our adventures. With an album of pictures of all the waterways we have explored. The book may well end at Chapter 11 (2006). For it has covered our adventure of discovery which is why I wrote it. Somebody might be persuaded to publish it?

At this point in time we cannot see us going back to 'dry land'. We both still enjoy life on the waterways. The freedom, lifestyle, peace, countryside, wild life and exploration which is only possible while on the boat. Having been back to see family and friends we know that the boat and the waterways are our home. Despite the apparent loneliness we have got to know so many people on the waterways.

Christmas and birthday were celebrated, last year now, with family and friends old and new. There is a promise of fresh opportunity for my brother is returning to his home country. Lovely to see him, his new place and exploring our old haunts together. We will try to stay close to the south coast so that family and friends can enjoy short trips to visit us.

At 65 I need time to explore in other directions. Like reading that 'Wogan' book Sue gave me, watching DVD's, maybe write about my working life, listen to music as always, keep the blog going, learn more tricks with those web pages…………..Should also get out for a walk with Ann & Molly.

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