Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out and about in the sunshine

We have been moving slowly west and stopped near Seend. The canal is a bit exposed to the wind because there are few trees. There are some swing bridges to operate which are for farmers and walkers so it is very rural here. Walked up to Seend where the Post Office had our post. It was a lovely sunny day so we took a picnic with us. Found a spot in a field and sat on a fallen Horse Chestnut (conker) tree trunk. Studied the view across a clear valley in the sunshine. Sue was searching for a few of those 'Geo-Cache' boxes. Took a while to find one tucked out of sight in a hedge row. Wrote in its log book to register the fact that the 'Narrowboaters' had found it. A number of clues are found on the internet to give a location and a GPRS points the way to the hiding place.

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Mo said...

Hi Chas

Trust you're both well.
Looks like the weather has reached you down there too, no leaves to speak of but the sun IS shining again.

Nice to see you're moving about again. Bet the barnacles under your boat are huge!!

Keep up the jolly blogging, it still makes an interesting read and keeps us in touch with the pair of you (the four of you, errrr, the six of you counting woofers).

The sun is over the yard arm, time for a tipple, gotta go now.....