Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wandering up and down

Ann n Sue are enjoying their walks with the dogs, now that Sue has recovered from a virus infection. The canal between Seend and Semington offering many interesting tracks and paths. Ann has a map printed off the computer, while Sue has her magic GPS. Following the public foot paths round farm buildings can be difficult where mud and fences force detours.

We had stopped at the visitor moorings near Seend bottom lock. A boat there had been left for some time for it had a 'parking ticket' stuck to its window and it was empty. A passing boat caused a mooring pin to come loose by going too fast. This caused the boat to drift across the canal. As it was late in the evening we decided to leave it there. Next day another boat wanted to get by so they, with our help, managed to pull the abandoned boat back to its mooring.

Swing bridges and an aqueduct

Continuing to Semington we had to operate no less than 3 swing bridges within a mile of each other. Sue n Vic were in front and so they opened the first and we went on to the next. We opened that and they the next! Then we opened the next lock and both went in. Just before that lock the canal went over an aqueduct. It was back in 2004 that we both came this way when the aqueduct was being built. A road now passes under the canal.


Chris came up on his motor bike to see his mum. Just over an hour was enough for him. Always a worry for us but it was good to see him. And he got home safe.


Next weekend our friends Mary n Ray came. They were camping at Sells Green not far away. As it was a nice day we took them through a swing bridge to the winding hole, turned and returned. Ann had made soup which we all enjoyed.

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