Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Old memories reawakened

Back at our 'landlubber' bungalow not occupied by us since 2000. A gap in the tenancy allowing us to revisit and redecorate. Our agent suggested that it is easier to re let unfurnished. Packed most of our furniture in our hired White Van and took it all to the local council recycling tip.

Very busy even mid week with cars and vans driving in and out all the time. Some help offered to lift it all into the huge bins. "Household over there, wood there and metal in that one" the man told us. Some of our furniture was taken for sale while most was just 'wood'.
We have set ourselves a target to strip wall paper, clean and paint the entire bungalow in about 4 weeks. Weary after only two days having already removed more furniture outside under the carport. The shed and attic providing even more stuff for disposal. Our neighbour paid us for a settee and the side board with glazed top but a 'yard sale' notice did not attract many callers. So another trip in the van with even more stuff to clear the yard. We got the van at Winchester and are able to return it to 'Enterprise' in Southampton. Then they took us home. All we have left now is a bed, a small settee and a rocking chair! We also want to tidy up the garden if we have time.
It does seem strange living in our old home that we lived in for about two years before moving on to our boat. Our friends Terry & Myra happened to be off their boat and paid us a visit. They helped with the painting and took us to the shops where we ordered carpets and got some food. Been a bit hasty clearing out the place because we had thrown all the baking trays and a measuring jug. Next day our cupboards were restocked from Tesco.Com which delivered to our door.
After the first week we have managed to finish two rooms with work in progress in the other four. The carpet man came to see us and remarked that he thought he would never see another foam back carpet! 'Mind you most of the foam had turned to dust'. 'Feels like we have been on holiday while on the boat'. Took some time out to walk round the local woods which we discovered all those years ago.
Latest update: Only the hall to do now. Two new carpets laid and we have mowed the lawn!

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